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Chiropractic improves joint and neuro-muscular health by assessing, diagnosing, and manually treating the spine and joints of the body. It is most effective for treating neuro-muscular injuries, reducing spinal stress, and improving joint ranges of motion.

Registered Massage Therapy

Massage therapy improves physical and emotional health by assessing and manually treating the soft tissues of the body. It is most effective for treating soft tissue tension or injuries, reducing stress, and improving local or systemic circulation.


Physiotherapy improves musculoskeletal and neuromuscular health by assessing, diagnosing, and manually treating pain and injuries. It is also effective for rehabilitating, and improving body strength and range of motion.

Osteopathic Manual Therapy

Osteopathic Manual Therapy treats both the soft tissues and organs of the body using soft tissue manipulation, osteopathic articular technique, cranial osteopathy, and visceral manipulation. It is most effective for treating ensuring the whole body is in its most optimal state.


Acupuncture improves holistic health by assessing and manually treating the body using fine needles. It is most effective for treating systemic disorders, alleviating pain, stimulating nervous system and improving local or systemic circulation.


Naturopathic doctors take a scientific, evidence-informed approach, for an individualized and effective form of holistic medical care. Diagnostic assessment methods offered include blood laboratory testing such as food sensitivity testing, as well as physical examination. Treatment approaches include acupuncture & traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, clinical nutrition & diet, lifestyle & mental health counseling, homeopathy and physical medicine including manipulation.


Psychotherapy is defined as “an intense client-therapist relationship which often involves the examination of deeply emotional experiences, destructive behaviour patterns and serious mental health issues. Treatment approaches can include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness training, Gestalt therapy, and existential therapy.

Custom-Made Orthotics

Custom-made orthotics support, align, prevent and improve how the foot functions. It is an effective adjunct to treating foot, ankle, back pain, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and more. We use cutting-edge paroScan 3Dm technology to create a digital cast of the foot for your individual needs.

** For private insurance, please make sure you have a medical prescription note and that your insurance allow chiropractors to dispense custom-made orthotics.**

Registered Social Work

Registered social workers primarily focus on treating mental health issues and is a specialty of general social work practice. The work focuses on building strong therapeutic relationships and drawing from evidence-informed therapeutic interventions. Treatment approaches can include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT). Moreover, social justice is a common value of social workers and treatment delivery that strength based, culturally sensitive, trauma focused and anti-oppression (AO) is emphasized in social work practice.


Chiropody focuses on the assessment, management and prevention of dysfunctions, disorders and diseases of the foot. Chiropodists are skilled in the management of acute and chronic conditions affecting the foot. These conditions can include diabetes, sports and traumatic injuries, biomechanical disorders, ulcers and pediatric foot conditions. Chiropodists also prescribe and dispense custom-orthotics.

Certified Athletic Therapy

Athletic therapy focuses on treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries using manual techniques. Athletic therapists treat all types of injuries, from sprains and strains to implementing post-operative protocols, as well as injury prevention and health maintenance. Through assessment, treatment and rehabilitation, we will help you get back to the activities you enjoy.

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