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Annie is an experienced, skilled massage therapist who is passionate in helping people. She graduated from the Registered Massage Therapy program from Kikkawa College, where she gained vast experience as a massage therapy intern in a variety of settings. She has experience working with a wide spectrum of clients, including paediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients. After her graduation, she has also worked in a few clinics prior to finding a home at Step Up Massage & Rehab – Yonge & Bloor. These experiences have help honed her skills in various treatments, including muscle reeducation, deep tissue massage techniques, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, Tuina, and hydrotherapy.

Annie 是一位具有經驗以及技術的安省註冊按摩師,並且善於樂於助人。她畢業自Kikkawa College學校的註冊按摩師課程,她在學生診所從事實習時獲得大量且豐富的經驗,畢業後之後也曾任職於幾間診所。她面對過很多各種不同年齡層的客人,像是小孩,青少年、成人和老年患者。在她畢業後,她也曾任職於幾間診所直到她找到她心中理想歸屬的家-Step Up Massage & Rehab – Yonge & Bloor。過去的這些經驗都促使並幫助她在多樣的療程中做得更好-像是降低肌肉緊繃、深層肌肉組織按摩技巧、激痛點療法、淋巴排毒按摩、推拿還有水療。

During her free time, Annie loves trying so much new things, like different kind of foods, exploring new stores and areas, and learning new cultures and languages. Currently Annie is learning Japanese and is fluent in English and Mandarin.


Annie believes there must a way to achieve the goal of the massage treatment – for a particular condition, there must be a way to help the client reduce the pain and to provide relief. Lastly, Annie’s strong communication skills and caring heart helps to ensure her clients feel welcomed and cared for.

在按摩治療上,Annie相信任何治療目標都有其方法能去達到- 即使是有一些特殊的狀況都能有方法去幫助客人減輕以及緩解病痛。除此之外,Annie非常在意客人的感受以及需要,良好的溝通和助人的心往往能使她在病人間搭起正向雙向溝通。

Why should patients choose you as their provider instead of others in the area?


Annie is able to see the big picture in each situation. She also always stands on the patient’s side to find the best solutions for the clients. To see her clients’ improvement is most rewarding to her. Annie believes she can be an exceptional guide for her client’s journey towards getting better and healthier – for her that’s such a wonderful thing.

Annie總能綜觀地的去看事情分析狀況。她始終站在病人一邊,總是想為客戶找到最佳解決方案。對她來說看到客人不斷的進步是她最大的收穫。 Annie相信她可以成為她客戶在前往變成更好和更健康的旅程上成為一位優秀領導 – 對她來說,這是一件非常美妙的事情。

What are the top 3 treatments that you focus on?

您最關注的前 3 種治療方法是什麼?

Annie enjoys providing deep tissue massage therapy which combines Swedish, Tuina and trigger point massage. Most of time, Annie’s massage style is “no pain no gain” – to a certain extent. Most of the soreness is due to prolonged misuse/over-use without awareness. Most of these conditions could be helped by Swedish, Tuina and trigger points massage techniques.

Annie 喜歡結合提供推油、推拿和激痛點按摩的深層組織按摩療法。在大多數時候Annie的按摩風格更偏向是“一分耕耘一分收穫”。大多數疼痛是由於長期時間或是在無意識下過度使用,而推油、推拿和激痛點的綜合按摩可以幫助這些大多數情況。

What are you proud of in your practice?


I am most pound of being a helpful practitioner and to be able to provide what the clients need.


Which cases do you enjoy treating? Why?


Annie has attended some specific treatment seminar especially head, neck and shoulder. For example, travel shooting pain from neck to shoulder blade, soreness upper back and crepitus sounds on the shoulders. Annie also enjoys helping her clients by using lymphatic drainage techniques.


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