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BOB(Xin) Massage Therapist. graduated from PSCC Medical Technology School. 我是Bob(Xin)注册按摩师,毕业于多伦多制药技术学院的按摩专业。学校还有其他的医疗技术专业。

Why should patients choose you as their provider instead of others in the area? 为什么客人要找你而不是找其他人呢?

I have years of experience in personal and massage therapy. I have developed strong intuition in this field, and I have successfully rehabilitated many significant motor vehicle accident injuries, such as muscle tears, strains, frozen shoulder, and torticollis. My goal is to provide my clients with effective treatment that resolves their problems, leaves them satisfied, and offers a safe, effective, comfortable, and rapid therapeutic massage.


What are the top 3 treatments that you focus on? 什么是你最善于使用的治疗方法?

The techniques I like to include in my treatments are deep tissue massage, TuiNa, hot stones, trigger points, foot reflexology, and Thai massage for very deep stretching. Additionally, I utilize cupping and gua sha.


What are you proud of in your practice? 什么样的按摩实践让你感到骄傲?

I take pride in my passion for healing my clients both physically and emotionally.


Which cases do you enjoy treating? Why? 你具体对什么样的实例更具操作性?

I enjoy treating all kinds of cases. As long as I can help heal my clients’ problems.


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