Jessica Bloom, RP (Q)

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)
There are many things that bring us to therapy — you might be experiencing a stressful life event, stuck in a negative pattern or simply need a safe space to talk. I offer non-judgmental, compassionate support to help you explore anything that’s getting in your way.

Based on research, it’s now clear that emotions are not simply “noise” that should be ignored. Difficult feelings like worry, sadness, shame and anger hold messages we need to hear. If we ignore them, they keep popping up and create more issues in our relationships, work life, physical health and self-esteem. If you find it hard to access feelings at all, you’re not alone. Sometimes our bodies, dreams or interactions with others become entry points to a deeper awareness.

In therapy, we can develop skills and access insights that make navigating life easier. This can look different for different people. I integrate narrative, emotion-focused, cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic modalities to create “custom blends” based on your unique experiences and needs.

My approach is culturally-sensitive, trauma-informed, sex-positive and LGBTQ+ affirming. I have a background in working with creative thinkers, high achievers and the tech/media industry.

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